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president hasseler to muskies regarding the election: “now is the time to focus on what we can accomplish together”
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dear muskingum students:

this week is one of both challenge and opportunity for our campus as we engage in the important process of selecting our next president and the elected officials who will serve our region, the state of ohio, and our nation. as we move into election day and beyond, now is the time to put our commitment to community into action.  

as the election process unfolds, we will have a unique opportunity to demonstrate both civility and care for one another. some members of our campus community will be elated, others disappointed; some will look forward with eager anticipation, others with fear and distress. 

what can you do?

  • acknowledge that this election has been very complicated and that a strong emotional response is natural.
  • find people with whom you are comfortable sharing deep emotion-instructors, organization leaders, coaches, residence hall staff, our chaplain, caring friends – and talk about your thoughts and feelings. 
  • listen carefully to one another, accept differences of opinion, avoid name-calling, and use social media as a tool to move us forward, not tear us apart. 

now is the time to focus on what we can accomplish together. we have many needs on our campus and in the world around us. time to roll up our sleeves, embrace our differences, find our commonalities, and move forward, muskies. it’s what we do!

all the best for a strong end to the semester,

president hasseler 

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